Accepting Max

I have a love-hate relationship with my dog. We adopted Max about a year and a half ago through Summit Dog Rescue. (A great organization, very thorough, laser focused on making great matches.) Max came to us all the way from central America – he was a street dog in Cancun, Mexico. At 2 or 3 years of age before he was rescued by some ex-pats, he developed several deeply-ingrained street survival Continue reading “Accepting Max”

Do Business With Nice People

My former boss, mentor, and friend, Keith Dietzen, once shared with me a nugget he learned from his mentor, Tom Fitzmyers, now-retired CEO of the profitable publicly traded company Simpson Strong-tie. “What’s your secret to running such a successful business for so long, Tom?” Keith asked. Tom’s response: “Do business with nice people.”

Continue reading “Do Business With Nice People”

When Debating, Choose Kindness

When debating, there is constant back-and-forth. The robust exchange of ideas naturally triggers our passions. Emotional responses are expected and perhaps are even required for highly productive debate. However, there is a point when debate devolves into bickering or arguing – there is an element Continue reading “When Debating, Choose Kindness”

One Breath Around The World

Here’s one of the delights of parenthood. It’s late on a Sunday evening with my son and my daughter. Showers are being taken, lunches packed, teeth brushed. I’ve been nursing anxious feelings about the work week ahead for much of the afternoon – mostly successfully holding them at bay to stay Continue reading “One Breath Around The World”

Who Will Pick Up The Garbage?

A boy in a dragon costume is sitting at the top of the children’s slide. Another child in kangaroo pajamas is carefully traversing the rope bridge, while nearby a girl with cat ears is being chased around the rocks by her father. I’m at the Boulder Public Library looking out a window and taking in Continue reading “Who Will Pick Up The Garbage?”

The Cutting Board

I’ve come to learn just a small amount about cooking in the past few years. Still an absolute novice, I stick with simple recipes and a small number of ingredients. Nonetheless I’ve discovered a new appreciation for this transformative work in the kitchen. Long ago, I was presented with the gift of a cutting board from Continue reading “The Cutting Board”

The Banana Problem

The problem with bananas is buying them in a big bunch. Unless you’re hosting a banana-split-making party, it’s hard to get through the entire bunch before one or two start turning. The solution in my house is to only buy 2 or 3 bananas at a time and/or plan on putting a few in the freezer for Continue reading “The Banana Problem”