Going Places

It’s less about the destination and more about being in motion. Movement is freedom.

Career, music, relationships. Kids, friendships, community. In every place life is shifting and changing.

An a-ha moment this week: when something feels stuck, it’s because something is stuck inside of me. No one is doing anything different and the universe has not turned against me. The world is still moving like a wide flowing river. But I am resisting, turning up into the current or clinging to a rock or branch, and I’m burning precious energy just to stay in place.

Letting go is scary.

Pond Fish River Fish

There is a pond in the forest, deep enough for several fish. The fish are swimming around the perimeter of the pond. Around and around, always moving but never going anywhere.

Unbeknownst to the pond fish, there is a stream nearby. Playful rapids sloshing and swirling as the crystal water murmurs ever downstream.

Suddenly a fish leaps out of the river and into the pond. The pond fish are so Continue reading “Pond Fish River Fish”


I looked at the Actuarial Tables and noticed the life expectancy for someone my age who was born when I was born is, on average, 76.7 years, or 30.7 years from now. That’s 11,205 days. Now, there’s a reasonable chance that I will live longer than that. I’m in good health, etc., but it’s sobering to think of those 11,205 days. What if I were to write a little countdown program that Continue reading “11,205”

Look Between the Potholes

Skiers and snowboarders know when you’re blazing down the mountain, where you look is where you’ll go. If you focus on the trees, you’re more likely to hit one. Focus on the space between the trees and that’s where your body will point the ski tips, and that’s where you will go. Bicyclists and Continue reading “Look Between the Potholes”

Better Than You Think

Does it ever feel like the universe is speaking to you? Tomorrow I have a stressful all-day meeting. Due to circumstances I’m less prepared than I would normally be; for sure less prepared than I want to be. I’ll have to think on the fly among a group of peers and superiors who will see through bullshit. So it’s just what I have in my brain.

Is what’s in my brain enough? Do I know the material as well as I should? If Continue reading “Better Than You Think”

Accepting Max

I have a love-hate relationship with my dog. We adopted Max about a year and a half ago through Summit Dog Rescue. (A great organization, very thorough, laser focused on making great matches.) Max came to us all the way from central America – he was a street dog in Cancun, Mexico. At 2 or 3 years of age before he was rescued by some ex-pats, he developed several deeply-ingrained street survival Continue reading “Accepting Max”

Do Business With Nice People

My former boss, mentor, and friend, Keith Dietzen, once shared with me a nugget he learned from his mentor, Tom Fitzmyers, now-retired CEO of the profitable publicly traded company Simpson Strong-tie. “What’s your secret to running such a successful business for so long, Tom?” Keith asked. Tom’s response: “Do business with nice people.”

Continue reading “Do Business With Nice People”

When Debating, Choose Kindness

When debating, there is constant back-and-forth. The robust exchange of ideas naturally triggers our passions. Emotional responses are expected and perhaps are even required for highly productive debate. However, there is a point when debate devolves into bickering or arguing – there is an element Continue reading “When Debating, Choose Kindness”