Don’t Widen Home Plate

Credit this content to Rick Houcek whose free weekly email broadcast has featured this story more than once over the years. It’s worth the read, every time.

In 1996, at a convention of 4,000 baseball coaches in Nashville, a 78-year old keynote speaker stepped to the stage to a standing ovation. Only 5 years had passed since he retired from a storied college coaching career that began in 1948.

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Learning vs. Development

Here are 3 premises that I believe are true about organizations and their leaders:
1. The organization that the develops the fastest, wins.
2. No one develops faster or further than the leader.
3. People, including leaders, will do anything to avoid significant development.

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Acquisition vs Reactivation

We invest a lot of time and money in acquiring new customers. It is also part of the natural flow for customers to eventually become dormant. As this happens, our sales team turns its attention toward finding new customers. However, this is not usually the most profitable approach. We are leaving Continue reading “Acquisition vs Reactivation”

How To Kill a Stupid Rule

I stumbled across this easy-to-understand article about How To Kill A Stupid Rule. If you are a boss, please take 2 minutes to read this. If you are an employee, please take 2 minutes to read this, then show it to your boss. Don’t wait until next week, do it right now. Just one conversation to create a Continue reading “How To Kill a Stupid Rule”