Innovate Every Day

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. There are many reasons to look at what you’re doing day to day, and how you can begin doing it differently. This is innovation.

Imagine a guitar player who plays the same chords, the same note patterns, the same finger patterns, for years and perhaps decades. How does this seasoned guitar player continue to innovate? One idea is to take away a few of the strings. Change the constraints, and now the musician must find the notes they want with different finger patterns, different hand positions. This is innovation.

We can innovate every day in big and small ways. As with any skill, it’s about practicing, because practicing makes you better. To practice innovating, you have to take a pause. To step away from your current pattern requires that you take a break from the pattern. To learn to innovate, first take a pause, then practice this over and over.

Maybe it will help your business. Maybe it will shift the way you coach or mentor. Maybe it will influence your relationship with your kids or your friends.

Take a pause. Change the constraints. Practice innovation every day.


Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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