Pay Attention

I live in Boulder, Colorado and I love to run on the open space trails. Having done so for the past 19 years, I thought I knew every major trail, minor trail, and connector link in the system. I was wrong.

This summer I had the pleasure of participating in the Walk2Connect Boulder Walk 360 walking tour around Boulder. I completed one leg of this very thoughtful course that explores different areas of Boulder. If you live here, or if you come visit, consider doing this tour or a portion of it.

The route we walked took us through neighborhoods less than a mile from my house, that I did not know existed. Even more surprising, the route took us through an open space trail that I had never seen before! I put that in on a list of “must find my way back here”.

Months laters, a series of unrelated experiences brought me to that same neighborhood, and later to a tiny trailhead that hooked into the same trail. Now that I’ve found my way back, this has quickly become one of my favorite running trails – so close to home and brand new to me. Amazing!

Running on that trail today, I was reminded of the power of connection, and how unrelated experiences build on each other to lead us to new opportunities. All we need to do is pay attention.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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