Word Dithers

Been carrying these around in my head for too long.

The longest word I’ve found using the English alphabet that has only one instance of each letter is AMBIDEXTROUSLY (13 letters)


The longest single-syllable word in English language is STRENGTHS (9 letters)


Starting with a single-letter word that is actually a word (either ‘a’ or ‘I’ fit this requirement), add a single letter either before or after to form a new word, then add a third letter either before or after the 2-letter word to form another new word. Continue with this pattern. What’s the longest word you can form? Mine is RANGERS:









Think of a 3-letter word made of two consonants and one vowel. Let’s say the consonants are ‘C1’ and ‘C2’ and the vowel is ‘V’. Keep the consonants in the same position relative to each other, but move the vowel to each of the three positions (before, between and after the consonants).

V C1 C2  forms a common English word

C1 V C2 forms a common English word

C1 C2 V forms yet another common English word.

Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed, so ART, RAT and RTA doesn’t work because RTA is an acronym.

So far I’ve only found one combination that works. The solution is at the bottom of THIS BLOG POST.


Please share your own word dithers in the comments. I love these things!

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Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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