What Is Needed

Driving home from work today, and you are one of the rare commuters whose route is along a scenic stretch of highway, with most traffic going the opposite direction. (How did you land THAT job?)

Leaving the office, only three stoplights separate you from 10 miles of spectacular, rural, winding highway. Most days, if you can clear that last light before it turns red, it’s smooth sailing all the way home.

Today, just before the first light, a cement truck pulls in front of you. Drat! Unable to pass, you crawl  painfully forward behind the slow behemoth. Not much of a view here.

Of course you’re moving too slowly to make the third light. It turns red as you approach, and you grind to another stop.

But wait, the truck accelerates to pass through the intersection, even while you have to wait. It’s a long cycle at this stoplight, and getting started 90 seconds later, the truck is nearly out of sight. Cruising along now, for 10 miles the truck is no longer a factor for the rest of your drive.

Sometimes the thing that holds you back, just for a few moments, is exactly what is needed to create some space between you and the conflicts in your life.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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