End With the Beginning in Mind

When a carpenter wraps up the electrical power cords at the end of the day, a decision must be made which end to wrap from. The smart carpenter starts wrapping from the female end and finishes with the male end, because in the morning the male end will be unwrapped first. On the job site you usually know where your extension cord is starting from (i.e. the power source), but you may not know where you’re headed.

What’s the very next step when we finish our project or report? When the quarterly business review is done, what happens to the deck we presented or the spreadsheets we prepared? Since there is always another round coming in the next quarter; what can be done now to streamline the work in 90 days?

Perhaps it’s a virtual sticky note, or even a physical one. Perhaps it’s pausing for a few moments to take note of the questions that were asked and incorporate them immediately, saving time later from having to remember. Thinking about where the next step or the next person will pick up and go, increases productivity all the way around.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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