X Factor

One fun aspect of traveling, at least for me, is discovering how people in other parts of the world have solved everyday problems. This week I’m visiting Switzerland and Germany for work, and this morning I had to figure out how to get the shower working. I’m slightly abashed to admit it took several minutes to decipher the European faucet technology, but thankfully after trial and (much) error the water emerged where I wanted from the shower above me, and it was even hot!

International travel is, I’m sure, much less adventurous than it was even ten years ago, what with improved infrastructure and expanding cell service and Google translate. Nonetheless there is still an X-factor of discovering and deciphering the unknown. When you’re a child, everything is new and the brain is turned on all the time figuring out how the world works. Today, I felt quite childish again.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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