Judgment is a Killer

Judgment is a killer. I know judging others is horribly destructive, yet I often can’t stop myself: the idiot driver on his phone who misses the green turn arrow; the helicopter parent that steals time from devoted teachers; the cat fighting in local politics.

It’s difficult to let go of judgment because it feels like I am condoning the behavior. Nonetheless, the price of judgment is colossal. When I judge others I no longer see the situation for what it really is. My mind distorts the facts to fit the worldview and belief system with which it is comfortable. I lose track of what’s true. By definition, judgment creates a division. This division means I am no longer at one with what’s so.

Think about it. Once I decide (a) who I am, (b) the way the world works, and (c) the way I wish to be treated, then I look for evidence to validate these decisions. If I find enough evidence, it becomes a filter and then becomes a BELIEF. (It’s very hard to change our beliefs, even if the reality of the world around us constantly challenges them.) My mind then interprets the world through these filters – these beliefs – and passes judgment.

Acceptance is different. Acceptance does not create division and this means I can remain connected with the truth. Importantly, acceptance is not the same as being in agreement. I can accept you without approving your behavior.

Wisdom is the relinquishing of judgment. To see the world and interact with the world as it is instead of as my mind distorts it.

Imagine the price we are paying worldwide, with all our minds so often filled with judgment.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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