Unrealized Gifts

Such a simple thing. A few years ago my mom bought me a mop and some cleaning solution for hardwood floors. I used them once or twice, but then set them in a closet where they sat, forgotten, for more than 3 years. This weekend I stumbled across them in a moment that I also happened to be feeling quite disgusted by my floors. So I was motivated, and here were the proper ingredients, and I even had a bit of time available for cleaning.

All I can say is WOW. It’s pretty silly, I know, to get excited about a mop.

But when you have a problem (filthy floors) and it’s been grating on your mind (no easy way aside from hands-knees-sponges or hiring a cleaning person, so I procrastinated) and suddenly a new solution presents itself (why did I not think of a mop myself) and the solution turns out to be EASY and EFFECTIVE. Well, I got excited.

So it’s caused me to consider this particular gift from my mother. She gave it to me because, in her life experience, it’s something that made things a little nicer for her and she wanted to share that with me. But I wasn’t ready to receive it three years ago; I couldn’t appreciate the gift then as much as I did this weekend.

When we give gifts, and when we receive gifts. Those who receive our gifts can only appreciate them from the place of personal perspective they’ve attained at that point in their life. I may give you something that is truly wonderful, but it may only be wonderful to me because of how I discovered or experienced it. Since you and I are in different places in life, your experience of the gift may not match mine. It may not be as wonderful to you, or the wonder of it may be delayed.

It’s the same with gifts of advice. Or gifts of time and energy.

Sometimes, we don’t realize the gift we’ve received until much later.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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