Next In Line

Every person has a passion. What’s yours? Mine’s helping every person understand their life can be EPIC. Not just in a handful of moments, but every day. Barc Simpson once advised (paraphrasing) to find what you’re passionate about and start doing something with it, today. If we all do that then together we’ll cover the bases.

But we can’t wait until ‘the time is right’. The time to act is now, even if it’s something small. When we set ourselves in motion to improve the world around us in ways that align with our passions, we can be powerful, positive change agents for ourselves and our communities.

So what’s your passion? Helping kids? Providing meals to the home bound? Spending time with the elderly? Making an impact in local politics? Bringing medical services to under served populations? Helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground? Making art through music or dance or book readings or poetry or photography? Creating video blogs? Building robots? Journalism? Helping teachers in the school? Building community through cycling or running or swimming?

The world gets better one person at a time. Why not be the next in line?

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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