Time Will Tell

Reading this article in the Boulder Daily Camera about Predatory Towing. The impact of a tow on a family living at or under the poverty line has to be more than just the cost of the tow. There’s the lost wages from a day of work that didn’t happen. And potentially a lost job if the boss wasn’t too happy about the lack of notice. And how does one get to the police station or the bank or the impounding lot to deal with the situation, without transportation.

I confess I don’t have much if any contact with people from this demographic. I feel ashamed that I was completely unaware this kind of struggle is happening in my community. And while the humanitarian side of me wants to get involved and do something to help, if I’m honest another piece of me resists doing so. Not because of the contact with uncomfortable situations – although there’s an element of that too – but because of the impingement this would have on my otherwise comfortable life. I’m even more ashamed to admit I’m reluctant to make the commitment of time and emotional energy.

Yet I also know that if I found a place to get involved the rewards would be prolific and life-altering. I’m talking about more than helping once a month at the a soup kitchen, I’m talking about committing heart and soul to a mission that seeks to make an impact.

There are hundreds of ways for me to get involved, but I don’t see them because I’m not looking for them. Time will tell if I overcome the inertia and find my place to lend my hands to make a difference.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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