Two Minutes

Derek Sivers told the story during a Tim Ferriss podcast about his daily bike ride. Every time he rode the route, he pushed to the max, arriving at the turn-around point red faced and panting and eventually arriving back home completely worn out. The round trip took 43 minutes.

He realized he was burning out on bike riding, losing interest and enjoyment working so hard like that, so one day he decided to slow down as much as he needed to actually enjoy the ride. He thought he’d ride half speed and take a look around. He noticed details he had missed before, and had a fulfilling, enriching, fun bicycle ride. And when he got back home and checked his watch, it took 45 minutes.

Two minutes is all he had to give up in his day. The payback was instant and abundant.

Makes me think about where in my day am I pushing harder than I need, or expecting more than what’s necessary? Where can I back off just a few percent and allow myself to relax into this life of abundance.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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