Look Between the Potholes

Skiers and snowboarders know when you’re blazing down the mountain, where you look is where you’ll go. If you focus on the trees, you’re more likely to hit one. Focus on the space between the trees and that’s where your body will point the ski tips, and that’s where you will go. Bicyclists and skateboarders are the same way. On your bike, if you are looking at the pothole you’re more likely to hit the it. If you want to miss the pothole, look somewhere else.

The same is true in life. There are obstacles and potholes everywhere. As we navigate the the twists and turns, we tend to pay attention to the obstacles – fretting about all the things that could go wrong. By doing so we are much more likely to get snagged. If you want a smoother ride, shift your focus and look between the potholes.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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