Tacoma’s Everywhere

Have you ever noticed, when you’re in the market to buy a new car, once you decide what kind you want suddenly you see many more of those cars out on the road? I needed a small pickup truck and settled on the Toyota Tacoma. For months before I finally bought mine, it seemed the only vehicle on the roads were Tacoma’s. They were everywhere!

Do I really believe there were more Tacoma’s out on the roads? No. My brain was wired in and therefore I just noticed them more. This is why, when we focus on something, it tends to manifest. We notice details related to the thing that interests us, details that have always been there, but now we have a reason to tune in and take notice; we have a personal frame of reference.

Want a new set of ski gear while living on a budget? You’ll tune into sales ads and commercials others will miss.

Into fantasy football? You’ll hear sports stories that I tune out because I’m not interested in football.

Looking for ways to build passive income? Your ears may prick up when you see an ad for a franchise for sale, or for rental property opportunities.

The information we want is all around us. The question is whether we’re clear and intentional about the things we want. It’s easy to tune into the things we need to navigate the day. We know where to get weather information, how to find our groceries, and what movies or shows we want to watch.

What about those daydreams we keep in the back of our minds? “Someday I’d like to (fill in the blank).” Do you want to travel to South America? Own a condo in Vail? Run a marathon? Learn to sail? Write a book? Go back to school or earn an MBA online? If our daydreams are filed in the ‘someday, maybe’ category, they are not part of the conscious mind that is tuning in to the world of opportunities flowing past us every day. We miss chances to make our dreams come true, simply because we’re not paying attention.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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