Mental Super Power

Meditation opens doors that we would not otherwise know exist. Our attention is always focused on something; we are in a constant state of building habits, worries, expectations, prejudices, insights, and such. Mindfulness is simply the ability to notice these processes with clarity as they are happening. And then prioritize which ones to pay attention to. Why not focus on the things that make us better people? And let go of the frivolous things that take up valuable mental energy.

This ability, once developed, is like a mental super power. Imagine being able to stop a negative thought mid-stroke, just because you can observe it while it’s happening. Imagine avoiding actions that damage relationships, because you are aware your motivation is based on an emotion – an emotion that will evaporate in a few minutes. It’s not about controlling the thoughts running through our minds; it’s about the ability to choose which thoughts and feelings to pay attention to, and which to discard.

Author: johnny88keys

Optimistic idea enabler mindfully seeking rapture

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