Glowing and Grateful

A friend of mine just had his third baby at the ripe age of 55. A completely unplanned pregnancy, my friend is now living with a 6-month old and he is fantastically excited! He recognizes any retirement plans he made are now out the window – he expects to be working into his 70s. He knows the family Continue reading “Glowing and Grateful”

Practice When It Doesn’t Matter

If I haven’t interviewed for a new job in many years, best to apply to some jobs I’m not really interested in. Get some practice answering questions by phone and in person. Spend time refining my responses and fine-tuning the questions I’ll ask during the interview. Gain clarity regarding my Continue reading “Practice When It Doesn’t Matter”

The Value of Constant Preparation

I met another musician at a wedding several years ago who shared a perspective that has been formative for me not just as a musician but also as a leader, a father, and a friend.

He said once you’ve taken your place on stage with instrument or Continue reading “The Value of Constant Preparation”