The Value of Constant Preparation

I met another musician at a wedding several years ago who shared a perspective that has been formative for me not just as a musician but also as a leader, a father, and a friend.

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A Shared Idea Is More Powerful

I am humbly aware I am not remotely the smartest or most experienced person around. In fact I know very well just the opposite is true. Yet I continue to share ideas in this blog and in other places of my life. Why bother? What’s the point of sharing ideas if they are already available?

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Frustration vs Loneliness

Some people – men and women alike – get into long-term committed relationships, have a family, and spend their lives managing day-to-day logistics in a home life that is packed with activities not always of their own choosing. These people may find themselves giving up personal freedoms in Continue reading “Frustration vs Loneliness”