The Banana Problem

The problem with bananas is buying them in a big bunch. Unless you’re hosting a banana-split-making party, it’s hard to get through the entire bunch before one or two start turning. The solution in my house is to only buy 2 or 3 bananas at a time and/or plan on putting a few in the freezer for Continue reading “The Banana Problem”

Vision Boards

It’s so easy to let the precious time of our lives slip away, never getting around to the things we wish most dearly for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s easy and comfortable, and the busy-ness of life can hold a monopoly on our time and energy. We all have ways to try to mitigate this. We try to put the big rocks in first,  and that helps. We try to stay present, and that helps. But the world is relentless and the perpetual onslaught of content and entertainment is a near-infinite playground of distraction. It’s no wonder people lose minutes, hours, days and weeks on their screens. Continue reading “Vision Boards”

Glowing and Grateful

A friend of mine just had his third baby at the ripe age of 55. A completely unplanned pregnancy, my friend is now living with a 6-month old and he is fantastically excited! He recognizes any retirement plans he made are now out the window – he expects to be working into his 70s. He knows the family Continue reading “Glowing and Grateful”